What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light is a new method of laser hair removal to remove hair permanently or long term.


Is IPL safe?

IPL is an effective and common method for hair removal. The Sleek Skin IPL product meets all safety regulations and has been clinically tested. However we recommend that you check prior to purchasing whether you are suitable for IPL.


How does IPL work?

Light energy is absorbed by areas of hair (high pigmented areas) and heats it up. The heat causes damage to the hair follicle which slows down hair growth and may even prevent it from growing again.

Can IPL be used on all hair?

IPL works on most hair types, although it may not be as effective on grey or light blonde coloured hair. IPL is most effective on black or dark hair.


Can it be used on different skin types, freckles and moles?

IPL is suitable to all but the darkest skin types. You should not use your device over very dark freckles or moles. IPL is fine to use over light freckles. All skin types should start on the lowest intensity setting.


Recommended minimum age for IPL?

We recommend customers to be 16 years or older before using our product.


How long until I see results?

3-4 treatments is the average length of time to notice a reduction of hair. Complete results happen usually after 12 treatments. Results can vary for each individual.


Do I need eye protection?

No, you do not need to wear eye protection when using your Sleek Skin IPL, however protective glasses (provided) are recommended. Never look directly into the light source (the same as any other bright light).


How often can I used my device?

Once every two weeks during the removal cycle.


What areas of my body can I use it on?

IPL can be used on most parts of the body, even sensitive areas. It is not suitable for use on or around genitalia. Never point the device directly into your eyes. 


Is IPL suitable for people with epilepsy?

No, IPL is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy.


Can I use it during pregnancy?

IPL is not advised during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.


Can I use IPL over tattoos?

IPL is not recommended to be used over skin with tattoos.


Can I use IPL before and after sunbathing?

If tanning, it is recommended to wait 48 hours before using your IPL product. Fake tan should be removed from your body before using the device.


Should I shave before I use IPL?

Yes, it is recommended to shave the areas once before starting to use your IPL product.


Can I shave and or wax between treatments?

It is only recommended to shave, if needed between treatments. Waxing, plucking or epilating should not be performed as these methods remove the root which absorbs the light from IPL, hence reducing the effectiveness of IPL.


How is Sleek Skin IPL powered? 

Every Sleek Skin IPL comes with a 12 volt plug-in power supply suitable for use in your particular country. 


Where is Sleek Skin based? 

Our Head Office is based in the United Kingdom.


Does my Sleek Skin IPL come with a warranty?

Yes, each Sleek Skin IPL comes with a 12 month warranty.